Connecting People to Jesus by:
Reaching the Lost, Discipling the Saved & Sharing the Love of God with Everyone.

What This Means

The first phrase summarizes our purpose.

Connecting People to Jesus

As Christians, we view all people in two categories; lost or saved. The more urgent group is the lost. This is the reason for the second phrase.

Reaching the Lost

This could refer to one member of LifeBridge witnessing to a neighbor down the street or the congregation sponsoring a mission church in another country. It is outreach at the local, national and global levels.

Those who are saved need to grow spiritually. It is important that our relationship with God matures and strengthens. This leads to the third phrase.

Discipling the Saved

This includes being dedicated to the preaching, teaching, and learning of God’s Word and engaged in worship and prayer.

The fourth phrase emphasizes our goal to serve others. Sometimes, we don’t know if the people we are serving are lost or saved. Sometimes we do not have the opportunity to witness while serving. Yet, we pray that the Holy Spirit will use these moments to warm a cold heart to hear the Gospel. Examples might include handing out water to disasters victims or working at the food pantry. This leads to the fourth phrase.

Sharing the Love of God with Everyone

The last two words “with everyone” were added to remind us that God loves everyone. This includes people of all races, social-economic levels and political affiliations. God even wants us to love our enemies.

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