Paid staff takes care of the ministries at LifeBridge.

(713) 965-6761 [mobile]
Stephanie ReedDirector of Children’s
Giles MontgomeryDirector of Youth
Hannah GibsonDirector of Worship & Music
The LifeBridge Staff

Elected: Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the members of the Management Team and Board of Elders.

Management Team

The Management Team oversees all the business and day-to-day operations of LifeBridge. They make sure all runs smoothly and in order and the business of the church happens responsibly.

Jesus (“Zeus”)
The Management Team

Board of Elders

At LifeBridge, we believe in spiritual leadership that extends beyond the pastor. In this, we have a community called the elders who take on the responsibility for being there for and walking with the entire congregation. For simplicity we break down the members here at LifeBridge alphabetically and assigned each segment to one particular elder. However, you can contact any elder, at any time if you need prayer, guidance, support or simply information.

A-CCarl Sebesta
D-FDavid Walker
(Head Elder)
G, N, RPastor Dale Leland
H-JWayne Heitshusen
K-M Brad Biss
O-QPaul White
S Giles Montgomery
T-ZJason Wolfe

Structure of Leadership

Structure of Leadership at LifeBridge

Elected Leader Job Descriptions