Are your middle-school youth wanting to get confirmed? Do they want to grow in their faith or get to know Jesus better? Do they want to know the core doctrines found in Holy Scripture?

Our Confirmation Classes cover these and create some great relationships and connections at LifeBridge. (And, we have a lot of fun and great conversations!)

Join us and get to know Jesus and other wonderful people at the same time during this class!

Questions? Contact Pastor Scott.
(713) 965-6761 [mobile]

1. Some Topics Covered in Class

† God, the Father — Creator
† God, the Son; Jesus — Redeemer / Savior
† God, the Holy Spirit — Sanctifier and Comforter
† Baptism
† The Lord’s Supper / Holy Communion

In addition, we make sure to have time to answer your questions as best we can.

2. When We Will Meet

We understand that scheduling can be challenging, we are working to meet when youth are already at LifeBridge. to that end, our normal time will be during the small group time on Wednesday evenings when SURGE meets during the school year. (Dates will be flexible, as well as the actual start date each year. We will have an initial meeting announced to cover these.)

3. Materials Used / Needed

For our time, we go primarily use the Bible (of course!), Rev. Paul Schult‘s book, “Getting to Know Jesus,” as well as Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation. We will also use some apps on occasion.

A. The Bible 

Your choice of versions, but I would highly recommend one of the following if you do not already have one: 
1. Faith Alive Student Bible (ESV): Available on CPH and Amazon.
2. Lutheran Study Bible: Multiple versions available at CPH and one also available on Amazon.

B. The Bible App 

YouVersion Bible app, available on iOS and Android platforms.

C. “Getting to Know Jesus” by The Rev. Paul Schult 

  LifeBridge has copies of this book, so we can provide you with one. Of course, if you would like to purchase one and leave the copy we have for someone else, that would be great! Available on Amazon.

D. Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, 2017 Edition 

There are a few different editions. My recommendations are here in order of preference: 
1. The Visual Edition. Although this is larger, physically, it is an easy to use version, nice to look at, and all-around keeper. I highly recommend this edition. Available on CPH and Amazon.
2. The Spiral Bound Edition. Same as the hardback, but simpler for reading and taking notes. (I have not seen this one personally and it is only available on CPH.)
3. The Hardback. This is more compact and “book-like” than the Visual Edition, but a little more difficult to use when paging around. Available on CPH and Amazon.

E. The Bible Project App 

  This one is not a requirement, but an additional recommendation. Available here.

4. Reading & Class Preparation

There will be reading assignments needed at home to prepare before each session. These will be shared well in advance so you know what is coming and what is covered in case you need to miss.

5. Service Project

I would like to see each student, find a way to serve the community at some point. I am leaving this somewhat vague, but it should be something that will make a difference in people’s lives within the community. This may be something done individually, as a group (students working together), or as a family.

6. Confirmation Verse & Essay

Toward the end of our class time together, each student will choose a Scripture verse that is important to them or speaks to them. That student will write a short paper on why they picked that verse and then read it for the congregation at some point. (This sounds scarier than it is!)

7. Chat with an Elder

At some point, the student will have a conversation with his/her elder, to discuss spiritual matters. This is not a test but a time to confirm your faith, ask questions, and get to know each other better.

8. Seder Meal

The Seder Meal is very important for the Church and a meaningful time of teaching, gathering, fellowship.

I would like each student and their families to make every effort to attend.

If timing works out, this may also be the date of the student’s first communion.

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