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New Women’s Bible Study Beginning

Ladies, are your thoughts holding you captive? Thoughts such as “I’ll never be good enough. Other people have better lives than I do. God couldn’t really love me?” Jennie Allen knows what it’s like to swirl in a spiral of destructive thoughts like this, but she also knows we don’t have to stay stuck in toxic thinking patterns. As she discovered, God built a way for us to escape that downward spiral. Freedom comes when we refuse to be victims to our thoughts and realize we have already been equipped with power from God to fight and win the war for our minds.

In Get Out of Your Head,” Jennie takes groups on a study in Philippians, inspiring and equipping us to transform our emotions, our outlook, and even our circumstances by taking control of our thoughts. When we submit our minds to Christ, the promises and goodness of God flood our lives in remarkable ways. It starts in your head. And from there, the possibilities are endless.

This is a community women’s study starting soon! Details are below. We hope you’ll join us!

START DATE:Monday, August 2, 2021
TIME:6:00-8:00 PM
CONTACT:Barbara Zeigler

EXODUS — Session 14

We are continuing our journey through the book of EXODUS!

Today: We take a look at all the instructions God gave to Moses on the construction of the Ark, Temple, Altars, Incense, etc.

Join us!


ContributionsExodus 25:1-9; Exodus 35:4-29
Ark & Atonement CoverExodus 25:10-22; Exodus 37:1-9
Table of Bread of PresenceExodus 25:23-30; Exodus 37:10-16
Golden LampstandExodus 25:31-40; Exodus 37:17-24
Oil for LampstandExodus 27:20-21
Bronze AltarExodus 27:1-8; Exodus 38:1-7
Altar of Incense / Anointing Oil of IncenseExodus 30:1-10, Exodus 30:22-38; Exodus 37:25-29
Bronze BasinExodus 30:17-21; Exodus 38:8
The Tabernacle – Part IExodus 26; Exodus 36:8-38
Court of the TabernacleExodus 27:9-19; Exodus 38:9-20
The PRIESTHOOD – GarmentsExodus 28; Exodus 39
The PRIESTHOOD – ConsecrationExodus 29
Census TaxExodus 30:11-16
Oholiab & BezalelExodus 31:1-11; Exodus 35:30-36:7
Sabbath RemindersExodus 31:12-17; Exodus 35:1-3

STEPPING UP — A Call to Courageous Manhood

Men, we’ve completed our first study and have grown closer to God and each other through our shared time and conversations. Now, it’s on to the next!

In STEPPING UP: A Call to Courageous Manhood,” we’ll dig deeper into what it means to “step up and live a courageous life.”

In this series, Dennis Rainey, along with Matt Chandler, Bill Bennett, Tony Dungy, Robert Lewis, Voddie Baucham, Stu Weber, and others unpack what biblical manhood looks like and what it means to be a godly, courageous man in today’s world.

As usual, we’ll meet at 6:00 PM for food and fellowship, do our class from 6:30-7:30 PM, and have some time to wrap-up, pray, and chat from 7:30-8:00 PM.

I hope to see y’all there!

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