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We are pleased to announce that LifeBridge has a new part-time person doing communications in the person of Brackston Nutt!

Brackston has extensive experience and abilities in this area and we look forward to how God will use him at LifeBridge!

You can reach Brackston at


Special Congregational Voters’ Meeting

A special meeting of the voters of LifeBridge will be held on Sunday, February 16, following worship. (See Article XII. B. of the LB Constitution for more information on special meetings.)

There will be four items on the agenda: (More information on items 1-3 is below.)

  1. Request to approve the hire of the next LB Youth Leader
  2. Request for ratification and approval of a change to the Constitution & By-Laws of our national church body (“Synod”)
  3. A proposal for a PT director of communications and request for approval
  4. A status update regarding the possibility of the purchase of adjacent land

All are welcome to attend, though only members of LB may vote on issues.

Request to approve the hire of the next LB Youth Leader

On October 9, 2019, we posted information regarding the upcoming vacancy of the Youth Leader position at LifeBridge.

A search team was formed and received information on candidates. Following discussion, interviews, and prayers, the team came to a unanimous consensus in their recommendation, putting forth Giles Montgomery before the LB Board for their consideration.

At their monthly meeting on Monday, February 3, 2020, the Board unanimously (minus Giles’ abstention) endorsed this recommendation and now, in turn, will put forth that recommendation to the voters of LifeBridge.

Request for ratification and approval of a change to the Constitution of our national church body (“Synod”)

Every three years our national church body, “The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod” (“LCMS”), meets in convention to discuss policy, doctrine, pray, celebrate, and take care of other various church and administrative business.

At their meeting last summer (2019), needed changes to the Synodical Constitution and By-Laws was proposed and passed by the delegates. Since it is a change to the Constitution & By-Laws, a certain percentage of member congregations (including LifeBridge) must ratify these decisions before they are fully approved and can take effect.

These votes must be received by the Synod from member congregations by March 16.

Some general information can be found here:

Should you desire more detail as to the background and reasoning for the proposed changes, you can look at page 189 of this PDF. titled, “To Amend the Constitution to Address Individual Membership and Advisory Representation. Resolution 9-05”. {Catchy, right?!}

More explanation and information will be shared at the voters’ meeting.

A proposal for a PT director of communications and request for approval

Questions often come up regarding if we have sermons available online and why don’t we post more on social media. The short answer is that, although we do record most of the messages, we don’t do anything with them. Additionally, we don’t have anyone who is regularly updating our main social ministry channels. These things take time, willingness, and expertise – and the right person to do them.

We know that when we have videos that are professional and they are posted, we see increased interest and engagement. We also know that these things do not “just happen” and that to do it right takes some specific talent and expertise.

While LifeBridge can’t do everything, we feel it is important to cover this area of ministry. The LB Pastor and Board are proposing the creation of a PT position to cover some of these areas. If approved, the position will be posted and the person will be hired on a probationary period set by the Board.

New Sign!

You’ll see something bright and new as you drive by LifeBridge now; a new electronic sign! This will help us communicate to our community, 24/7. The sign has been given to the glory of God in loving memory of Dana Ekarius.