We have some important information to share with you. Here’s the short of it (with details below):

  1. Our Elder, Giles Montgomery, has tested negative for COVID-19!
  2. Pastor Scott’s test results are pending.
  3. Elder, Brackston Nutt may have been exposed 14 days ago.


We praise God for His goodness and that Giles’ test results have come back negative!


Pastor Scott’s tests have, likewise, come back negative! We praise God for that! Even so, Pastor is preparing for simple outpatient surgery on Monday and needs to be isolated, as much as possible. He will not interact with anyone before, during, or after worship and when not in the pulpit, will sit isolated by the southwest door of the sanctuary. Before arriving he will also be gloved.

Jennifer’s tests are pending. However, it has been 11 days since possible exposure and no one in the family has exibited any signs or symptoms. Even so, Jennifer and Ben will not be at worship.


May have been exposed 14 days ago. He shows no signs the probability of his infection is very low. Even so, he will not be at worship this Sunday out of an abundance of caution.

We at LifeBridge continue to take precautionary measures with our sanitizing and cleaning, distancing, and the like, making sure we are proving a safe environment for you and your family. We want people to join us in worship, but only as they feel safe and comfortable.

Of course, we ask that you practice the same precautions so as not to potentially expose others. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have any symptoms of sickness, please stay home and join us online for worship. We will miss you, yet we thank you for helping to keep others safe.

Please keep people in your prayers during this very trying time!

Thank you, God bless, and have a great day, knowing the Lord is with you!

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