The show “naked and afraid” seems strange to me. Why anyone would want to be on that show is beyond me. And, for the record, more and more, if I’m naked and see a mirror, I’m afraid, too!

With You there is forgiveness, that You may be feared.

Psalm 130:4

What’s interesting is that before the Fall, there was naked and no afraid. Harmony and serenity with God and nature. Amazing!

But once sin entered the world, so did fear. So did shame. So did danger and hardship.

But the loss of perfect communing with God had to be the biggest loss. Sin produces alienation with God. Separation. Even more rebellion. It brings dissatisfaction, fear, and depression.

That wasn’t just true in the Garden at the Fall. When we rebell and sin, we can also experience that loss, that fear, that shame. We can experience the loss of communion with God and the love and safety that comes with Him.

The effects of the Fall – of sin – can hardly be overstated. It’s effects were immediate, devastating, and perpetual.

We are not the only ones not satisfied with the way sin leaves things between God and us. God wasn’t either. He set in motion the same day both the forgiveness of Adam and Eve as well as His Plan for the redemption of His people. Enmity would give way to victory. Sin to forgiveness. Death to life.

Whether or not we will be ‘naked’ in heaven (do you ever wonder that?), we will never be afraid, through faith in Jesus Christ, through Whom we have forgiveness, life, and salvation!

Praise the Lord!


  • Genesis 3:8-15
  • Psalm 130
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