We all know the saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know.”

[Jesus] said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

Mark 4:40

It’s a phrase telling us that knowing influential people is more important than knowledge, or qualifications, or abilities. It’s based on the assumption of a system skewed toward those with power or money or authority as being above laws and rules and fairness.

It’s cynical and nearly always penalizes the weak, the poor, and those without the right “connections.” It should be anathematized in any society that believes in the concept of fairness and “blind justice.”

Yet, we see this playing out in the open in today’s Scripture.

Jesus and the disciples are caught in a storm on a boat that is so bad, they feared for their lives. Jesus calms the storm with two simple words!

All the knowledge these seasoned fishermen had about the weather, the sea, and the wind was worthless. Having Jesus with them was salvation!

Yet it goes deeper than that!

Jesus chastised them for having little faith in this situation. The question has to arise, “if Jesus had not been there, would the storm have taken the rest of them and, if so, would it have been because of their lack of Jesus or their lack of faith in God?”

That’s a tough question – and not the point!

The issue is: faith in Jesus saves, and that faith should permeate everything we do and all that happens to us every day!

We know Jesus! We have faith and trust in Him! No matter what happens, we are saved!

It doesn’t matter what (or who) else we know, because we know – and have faith in – Jesus!

That’s all that matters!

Thank You, Lord Jesus! Strengthen our lacking faith!


  • Mark 4:35-41
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