We like big. We like important. We like showy.

Do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.

Luke 10:20

More to the point, we tend to get distracted with those things instead of focusing on what’s really important.

Big conversion stories. Spiritual warfare. Apologists ‘winning’ arguments.

Even better if we are in those situations!

The disciples were sent out and saw some amazing things in the name of Jesus! Big things. Important things. Showy things.

And, like us, they were amazing and rejoiced in these things; mostly because these things seemed to elevate themselves.

But Jesus changes the focus. The reason for them to rejoice is not because they happen to be God’s instruments when He does amazing things, but that God has focused on them to be with Him forever and written their names in heaven!

What is the greater reason to rejoice? Their being saved and that they will be in heaven!

What is bigger than that? What is more important?

Through faith in Jesus, yes there are miracles that will happen. Yes, there will be things that will amaze. But those aren’t the point. Those aren’t the greatest reasons to rejoice. The greatest and right reason is that, through faith in Jesus, our names are written in heaven!

Thank You, Lord, for saving us and writing our names in heaven for eternity! Help us to rejoice in that reality!”


  • Luke 10:1-3
  • Luke 10:16-20
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