Position Description


To lead the congregation and people of LifeBridge Community Church in spiritual and Biblical matters.

Member of

  1. Board of Elders (Constitution: Article VIII.B.)
  2. Board of Directors (Constitution: Article VIII.A.)


  1. 1 Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9
  2. Be a voting member of the congregation (Constitution: Article VIII.B. & IX.) and, as such,
    1. Support the Mission of LifeBridge (Constitution, Article II.)
    2. Subscribe to and live according to the Confession of Faith (Constitution, Article III.)
    3. Be faithful in the Duties of a LifeBridge member (Constitution, Article V.B.)
  3. Approved by the Congregational Assembly or, if filing a vacancy, appointed by the Board of Directors via the procedure listed in the same By-Laws. (By-Laws: Article I. A. & B.)
  4. Be male. (Constitution: Article IX.)
  5. Attend church regularly and attend Elder/Board meetings whenever possible.

Terms & Limits

  1. The term of office shall be for two years (By-Laws: Article I.B.)
  2. May serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (By-Laws: Article I.B.)
  3. The term shall begin on the first day of the month following successful election (By-Laws: Article I.B.)
  4. May be dismissed or deposed by the Congregation. (Constitution: Article VIII.C.)

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. See that the Congregation remains on a true course biblically and in accord with the Congregation’s Confession of Faith. (Constitution: Article IX.)
  2. See that the Congregation’s members are being well managed with the assistance of competent and godly leaders. (Constitution: Article IX.)
  3. Care about the spiritual and physical well-being of Congregational members, regularly praying for the sick and all those in need. (Constitution: Article IX.)
  4. Guard the Congregation against harmful influences, confronting those who are contradicting biblical truth or who are continuing in patterns of sinful behavior, so that the truth of Christ will remain credible to both the Congregation and the community. (Constitution: Article IX.)
  5. Pray for the Pastor, support him, and work with him in serving LifeBridge.
  6. Assist the Pastor in worship as requested/needed. Besides Communion (listed below), this may include assistance during baptisms, readings, praying, etc.
  7. Prepare Communion before worship on Communion Sundays (Currently first & third Sundays of each month and some special Sundays/occasions.)
  8. Serve Communion to the Congregation.
  9. Clean up Communion after worship as trained.
  10. Each Elder is assigned a group (approximately 10-15 families) and need to contact each group by letter, phone, and/or in person, letting them know you are their Elder. You are to pray for them especially when they are hurting in any way. Visit and pray for them if in hospital or are sick at home.
  11. Assist the Pastor in teaching as requested and desired.
  12. Elders also may need to open and close the church on Sunday mornings. Checking that the temperature is set to be comfortable and doors unlocked in the morning and locked up at end of services.


Each Elder of LifeBridge Community Church is answerable to God in all maters and to the Congregational Assembly in matters related to LifeBridge Community Church.


The Board of Elders shall select their own chair (or “Head Elder”) (Constitution: Article VIII.B.), who shall lead the Elders in their duties and work more closely with the Pastor and Management Team.

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