Position Description


To lead the congregation and people of LifeBridge Community Church in business matters.

Member of

  1. Management Team (Constitution: Article VIII.B.)
  2. Board of Directors (Constitution: Article VIII.A.)


  1. Be a voting member of the congregation (Constitution: Article VIII.B.) and, as such,
    1. Support the Mission of LifeBridge (Constitution, Article II.)
    2. Subscribe to and live according to the Confession of Faith (Constitution, Article III.)
    3. Be faithful in the Duties of a LifeBridge member (Constitution, Article V.B.)
  2. Approved by the Congregational Assembly or, if filing a vacancy, appointed by the Board of Directors via the procedure listed in the same By-Laws. (By-Laws: Article I. A. & B.)

Terms & Limits

  1. The term of office shall be for two years (By-Laws: Article I.B.)
  2. May serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (By-Laws: Article I.B.)
  3. The term shall begin on the first day of the month following successful election (By-Laws: Article I.B.)
  4. The Management Team shall have no authority beyond that which has been conferred upon it by the Constitution, its By-Laws, or the Congregational Assembly. (Constitution: Article X.)
  5. Powers delegated to the Management Team may at any time be altered or revoked by the Congregational Assembly. (Constitution: Article X.)
  6. May be dismissed or deposed by the Congregation. (Constitution: Article VIII.C.)

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  1. With the Management Team: (Constitution: Article X.)
    1. Develop and implement those policies and procedures as required to execute the plans approved by the Congregational Assembly, in accord with the Congregation’s Confession of Faith. (Constitution: Article X.A.)
    2. Transact or supervise the transaction of all legal and general business of the Congregation (except that which is reserved for the Congregational Assembly). (Constitution: Article X.B.)
    3. Conduct business within the limitations of the annual financial operating plan approved by the Congregational Assembly. (Constitution: Article X.B.)
    4. Annually report to the Congregational Assembly on the organizational and financial condition of the Congregation. (Constitution: Article X.B.)
    5. Recommend an annual financial operating plan at the annual Congregational meeting. (Constitution: Article X.B.)
  2. Schedule an annual meeting of the Congregational Assembly in October, giving notice of the meeting, place, time, and the primary agenda to be considered, and publish same at least two weeks prior to that meeting. (Constitution: Article XII.A.)
  3. Call special meetings of the Congregational Assembly as needed, and publicizing said meeting at least one week prior, along with the purpose, date, time, place, and agenda item(s). [Only announced agenda items can be considered at special meetings of the Congregational Assembly.] (Constitution: Article XII.B.)
  4. Schedule meetings of the Board of Directors at least quarterly (By-Laws: Article I.C.)
  5. Assure that the Board of Directors elect a board member to preside over meetings at the beginning of each year (By-Laws: Article I.C.)
  6. Serve as the principal Officer of the Congregation (By-Laws: Article II.A.)
  7. Have general charge of the operational and administrative affairs of the Congregation (subject to the direction and control of the Board of Directors) (By-Laws: Article II.A.)
  8. Preside over the Congregational Assembly (in accord with Roberts Rules of Order) and the Management Team (By-Laws: Article II.A.)
  9. Sign all legal documents with the Secretary, on behalf of the Congregation (By-Laws: Article II.A.)


The President of LifeBridge Community Church is answerable to God in all matters and to the Congregational Assembly in matters related to LifeBridge Community Church.

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