During these uncertain times, it is important to stay in contact with each other; to listen, pray, and provide.

Many in our LifeBridge and Sealy community are hurting. Many of you are hurting.

Many can help. Many of you can help.

We want to touch base with you and see how we can help and pray for and with you during these challenging times.

At the bottom of this post is a form we are asking you to fill out to help us in this process. It allows us to get a feel for where you are, what you need, how you can help, and how we can pray for you.

Would you please take a moment to fill it out?

Also, we, your pastor and elders, want you to know we are here for you, whatever your needs are. Below is a list of our names, who are work for (by last names) and our contact information. PLEASE feel free to contact us for anything!

ALLPastor Scottsheitshusen@lifebridgesealy.com
(713) 965-6761
HEAD ELDERAlan Boehmaboehm@lifebridgesealy.com
A-CRichard Claytonrclayton@lifebridgesealy.com
D-FBrackston Nuttbnutt@lifebridgesealy.com
G-I{Vacant}Contact Head Elder or Pastor.
J-LBrad Bissbbiss@lifebridgesealy.com
M-OTegan Summerstsummers@lifebridgesealy.com
P-RJosh Kingjking@lifebridgesealy.com
S-ZGiles Montgomerygmontgomery@lifebridgesealy.com

The Lord will see us all through this – and He uses us together to do it!

Thank you and God bless.

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