We’re stating something NEW at LifeBridge!

This is for youth, grades 6-10, who want another option on Sunday morning to sitting in church with mom and dad.

This group will meet during the same time as BridgeKidz and will meet in the youth room.

For our first series, “The Way I’m Wired,” students will discover how they are wired and how God strengthens them to live the life they were meant to live.

Every teenager’s life is loaded with undeniable evidence of God’s incredible plans for them, but who helps them unpack all those details to discover why they were born? “The Way I’m Wired” is a youth ministry curriculum that prepares you for the privilege of doing just that. The Bible lessons for youth equip you to teach students that God has three distinct calls on their life:

  1. the call of being transformed into Christ-likeness;
  2. the call of thriving in their seasonal roles; and
  3. the “This I Must Do” call to be part of something that is larger than themselves.

Join us in the adventure of uncovering God’s best for a youth’s life with these youth messages on identity. They – and you – will never be the same!

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