August 31, 2022

Dear Pastor/Ministry Leader,

My name is Bryan Martisek and I (along with my wife, Haley) am the owner of Scoops & Scholars Ice Cream shop here in Sealy, TX. You may have seen or heard about the recent Student Worship Nights we have been hosting at our shop.

My wife and I are both believers in Jesus Christ, and have past experience working with students in various different ways (church youth programs, summer camps, teaching in schools, etc). We were hearing from the students who came into our shop that they were looking for more resources in their faith journey and we knew we had to do something, but weren’t sure what.

That’s where the Student Worship Nights came into the picture! We had access to a neutral space and we had connections to various ministry leaders from our days serving in youth while living down the road in Katy. It didn’t take long to make a few phone calls, connect with some local youth pastors, and BOOM we were off to hosting Student Worship Nights!

Now that you have a high-level view of the backstory, I would like to share with you the intent of this letter…


We believe God is moving within the student population of Sealy. Students are desiring to learn more about the Bible, they are longing for corporate worship, and they are looking for ways to serve and live out the Gospel. We believe He is stirring the hearts of this generation for Him, and as faith leaders in the community, we covet your partnership in praying for these young people as they pursue relationships with Christ.


As I mentioned previously, we host Student Worship Nights once a month on Sunday evenings at our ice cream shop. This September 28, we will be breaking from our Sunday Night routine to coincide with the annual SEE YOU AT THE POLE day. Students will be gathering at their school flagpoles in the morning to pray for their classmates, friends, teachers, administration, and leaders, and then they will be invited to come worship corporately in the parking lot of TIGER STADIUM for a “Saw You At The Pole” rally.

(Details of the event are included on the poster below.)

If you have youth (or a youth group) in your church, we would love to have them join us. This is a free event being paid for by private donors, so your church will not be asked to contribute financially! Our heart is to provide more resources and opportunities for students, student pastors, and student ministries.

A copy of our event poster, as well as a 28-Day prayer calendar leading up to our September Worship Night is below. Should you have any questions about this event, our Worship Nights in general, how you can get involved, how you can get more event posters, or even about what flavor of ice cream we may have in the shop, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you again for your time, efforts, and commitment to your calling!

For King & Kingdom,

Bryan Martisek

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