Men, we’re starting a new series on our time together: Faith in Hostile Times by Berni Dymet.


Are you overwhelmed by the godlessness sweeping across our world and flooding every corner of cyberspace? Are you disillusioned that the most vitriolic voices in debates are sometimes those of people calling themselves Christians? In this five-part series, Berni Dymet explores how Jesus engaged with and responded to people who were hostile toward Him. In Jesus’ example, we find a way to hold tight to the truth, while speaking it in love.

Series Trailer


Session 1December 12, 2023The Rising Tide of Persecution
Session 2January 9, 2024Understanding Your Enemy
Session 3January 23When Freedoms Come under Threat
SPECIALFebruary 13Valentine’s Meal with Wives at LB!
Session 4February 27Speaking the Truth in Love
Session 5March 12Shining the Light of Christ

Participant handouts, leader’s guide, and other resources for the series is available here.

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