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“Thank You!” from Daniel & Rachel Heitshusen

May 16, 2021

Dear LifeBridge Community Church,

Rachel and I have been continuously thankful to receive your financial and prayer support during our time in Seminary. Your help has not only been helpful but has also been so appreciated! Thank you so very much!

We would love to take a minute to update y’all on what is happening in our lives, as our first year of studies is about to end.

For me (Daniel), I am currently in three classes: Luther as Pastoral Theologian, Introduction to Historical Theology, and Pauline Epistles. I am also in formation lab, Greek lab, and Field Work. I think my favorite class right now is Luther as Pastoral Theologian, as it has proven to be practical and fascinating. I loved our unit on prayer. It focused on how God commands us to pray and promises to hear and answer our prayer as well as how we can approach God in boldness and confidence as our dear Father! We have also covered suffering, which is a hard topic, but an important one to deal with. Right now we’re dealing with the Christian life.

Rachel is also currently taking three classes in addition to attending Formation Lab and Greek Lab: Spiritual Care and the Word, Creeds and Confessions, and Pauline Epistles. She is particularly enjoying Spiritual Care and the Word where she gets to learn listening skills and the basics of how to provide spiritual counsel.

I have been loving being a Field Worker at Salem Lutheran Church in Black Jack, MO! I get to do children’s messages, help lead the service on some Sundays, and had the opportunity to lead Bible class once. The past two Sundays (and the 4th in May and 1st and 4th in June) I attended a different church, however, for a cross-cultural module I am required to take here at Seminary. It is a church called Chai V’ Shalom, which is a congregation that focuses on outreach to the Jewish population (as even the pastor converted from Judaism).

Rachel continues to help some with the Sunday School and special music at church while also attending a mid-week women’s Bible class that she enjoys. She also had a cross-cultural module helping with a sewing class for women at Christian Friends of New Americans. She had a great time learning about the women’s culture as well as how to navigate a language barrier.

Lastly, I am working at Chick-fil-A and Rachel continues to work at Christ Memorial Child Care Center.

Thank you again for your continued financial and prayer support! We are excited to hear about the building project for the pregnancy center and all that happens at LifeBridge! We hope and pray all is well with y’all.

In Christ,
Daniel and Rachel Heitshusen

Kenyan School of Hope “Thank You!”

God is our refuge and strength.

Psalm 46:1

Thank you for your gracious financial support and prayers. Your support has made a vital impact for the girls at the Ewaso Osiligi Center fleeing FGM and FEM. We hope you enjoy the box of Kericho Gold Tea from Kenya and that it watms your heart knowing Jesus is using you to change the lives of these girls you may never met. But know this, you are making a difference. We appreciate you so much.

In Christ’s Love
KSOH Board of Directors


On Sunday, October 25, 2020, following worship (around 11:15/11:30am), LifeBridge will hold its annual Congregational Voters’ Meeting.

Information and agenda items are below and will be updated as needed until the meeting.

We will live-stream the meeting on the YouTube Channel for any who would like to view it.

For members who will not be able to make it, we will (as stated above), life-stream the meeting and allow for time to have your voted texted in.

This will be the procedure:

  1. Any voting member of LifeBridge may vote via text during the time of the meeting. (Not before or after, so they must be watching the life-stream.)
  2. Members who wish to vote must text their name from the number they will be voting from (their mobile number) to Pastor Heitshusen’s cell phone (713/965-6761) at the beginning of the meeting. [e.g. member “Buckey Ralfenson” will text “Buckey Ralfenson” from his cell number to Pastor Heitshusen.]
  3. When a vote is taking place, the member will text his vote to Pastor Heitshusen. He will respond to each that the vote has been received. [e.g., if Buckey Ralfenson wants to vote for ‘Claudia Messindorf’ in the current election, he will text “Claudia Messindorf” to Pastor Heitshusen. If he wants to vote ‘yes’ or ‘yea’ on an items, he would text that to Pastor Heitshusen. Pastor will acknowledge the receipt of each text vote received.]
  4. Pastor Heitshusen will tally the votes received and pass it on to Congregational Secretary April Treybig and President David Pacher for recording and announcement, but will keep all votes received from whom confidential with him! [i.e., no one else will know who voted by text or for whom/what.]
  5. Each voting member who desires to vote by text must follow this procedure for each vote. Multiple votes for an item from one number for others will not be accepted and will be considered void. [i.e., one person in a family cannot send one text with the votes from all others in the household. Each member in the household must send in their vote separately and independently.]
  6. Since there is a delay between the real-time and live-stream happenings, a few minutes will be allowed for each vote to ensure those voting by text have time to both watch the discussion and vote before the meeting progresses to the next item.

We hope this will be helpful for those voting members who want to take part and vote in the important matters of LifeBridge but cannot be there in person.


Call to Order

Opening Prayer

Approval of Minutes

Available below or as a PDF here.


David Pacher – PresidentRichard Clayton – ElderCollin Dwigans – Staff
Norma Summers – VPGiles Montgomery – ElderStacy Wills – Staff
April Treybig – SecretaryTegan Summers – ElderRyan Pacher – Staff
Scott Heitshusen – PastorBrackston Nutt – ElderRoss Bentley – Elder
Alan Boehm – ElderBrad Biss – ElderCongregation

David called the meeting to order and opened with a prayer.

First item on the agenda is to approve the minutes from the last voter’s meeting. Ryan moves to accept the minutes from the last meeting. Alan seconds the motion to pass the minutes. The ayes had it and motion passed.

Second item on the agenda is to approve the new youth leader that the youth search team and board have selected – Giles Montgomery. David gave a brief rundown of how the decision was made. There was a unanimous decision by the youth search team to have Giles be the new youth leader. Colton and Pastor Scott gave a few reasons why they chose Giles. Jeff made the motion for Giles to become new youth leader. Tegan seconded the motion. The ayes had it and the motion passed.

Third item on the agenda. Pastor Scott presented the changes to the Synodical constitution; why they are needed and why this ratification is needed. Brackston moved that we approve. David seconded the motion. The ayes had it and the motion passed.

Fourth item on the agenda: Part time communications director position. David explained what the PT Communications Director would do and where/why he and the board feel there is a need for this person. We will be posting the position internally for 7 days, then a group will be put together to interview the applicants and a decision will be made from there.

Susan moved that we post the position and get the ball rolling on the position. Tegan seconded the motion. The ayes had is and the motion passed.

Sue brought up the question about non-members having any voting rights who regularly attend here and tithe. Brief congregation discussion about why the rules are in place and what that would mean for the church.

David gave an update on the land. After negotiation – $21,000 an acre is the deciding cost. LifeBridge will pay half up front (a little over $50,000) and half after the campaign. Current balance is $35,620 for the land fund. Katie asked if there were any considerations in doing a fundraiser to get the funds for the land. David let her know that we have had some discussion about that, but do not want people to feel pressured. Giles closed the meeting with prayer. Giles made a motion to adjourn. Angie seconded. The Ayes had it and the meeting is adjourned.

Nominating Task Force Presentation & Elections


Each year new officers of LifeBridge are needed due to vacancies.

This year the following positions are open and need to be filled:

  1. Congregational Vice President (Position Description – VP)
  2. Congregational Treasurer (Position Description – Treasurer)
  3. Four (4) members of the Board of Elders (Position Description – Elder)

Click to the right of each above for a description of the position, including duties, qualifications, limits, etc. Please read through those position descriptions prior to nominating someone for a position to make sure the person meets the requisites.

Any voting member of LifeBridge may nominate or be nominated for each of these positions (with the gender restriction for those serving on the Board of Elders), with the stipulation that the prior approval of the person being nominated must be secured. (That is, if you are going to nominate someone, talk to them first and get their approval.)

Self-nominations are acceptable.

You may nominate by filling in the form below. Or, if you would prefer to not do so via the form, please email both the LifeBridge President and Vice President your nominations.

Current Nominees

  1. Vice President: None
  2. Treasurer: None
  3. Elder Position 1: None
  4. Elder Position 2: None
  5. Elder Position 3: None
  6. Elder Position 4: None

Nominations from the Floor

Staff & Ministry Reports


Lay Delegate and Alternate for the Texas District Convention, June 10-12, 2021, in San Marcos

Every three years the Texas District of the LC-MS (our parent denominational body) meets in convention for matters of theology, growth, business, encouragement, vision, fellowship, and more.

Next summer, on June 10-12, 2021, the Texas District will have their next convention. in San Marcos.

Every congregation of the Texas District sends a pastoral and lay delegate.

LifeBridge needs to elect a lay delegate (and alternate, in the event that person cannot serve) for this convention.

The person must be a member of LifeBridge and be available and willing to serve on those dates in San Marcos.

LifeBridge may

  1. elect these persons at this meetings, [sample suggestion motion: “I move that {name 1} be elected as our Lay Delegate and {name 2} as our alternate lay delegate to the 2021 Convention of the Texas District of the LC-MS.”]
  2. delegate the election to another body (like the Board of Directors), [sample suggestion motion: “I move that the LifeBridge Board of Directors elect a lay and alternate lay delegate to the 2021 Convention of the Texas District of the LC-MS on the congregation’s behalf.”] or
  3. have another Voters’ Meeting on another date prior to the deadline (May 10, 2021). [sample suggestion motion: “I move that this item be tabled for a later and possibly special voters’ meeting before the deadline.”]

Any questions may be directed to Pastor Heitshusen.

More information here.

Strategic Plan

  • Youth & Families
  • Pregnancy Center
  • Anti-Trafficking
  • Pantry
  • Land

Worship: Collin Dwigans

Children: Stacy Wills

Youth: Giles Montgomery

Outreach: Angie Wolfe

Trustee: Vacant

Board Reports

President: David Pacher

Head Elder: Alan Boehm

Treasurer: Mary Abbott-Gray

Financial Statement – September 30, 2020

Here is a Financial Statement for LifeBridge for September 30, 2020.


One of LifeBridge’s Foundational Principles is “to give 15% or more of the Church’s income for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.”

The following is a summary of what LifeBridge has given away for this effort since 2015!

We praise God for the honor and privileged of helping and serving others!

Budget Presentation / Approval

Password Protected Post here with the proposed 2021 Budget.
Password will be available on the screen during the meeting.

Open Discussion

Closing Prayer

Call to Adjourn

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